Aussie Precast Products (Formerly PnP Precast)

Miller pursues the mission to provide cost effective and long lasting precast concrete building alternatives, either in the agricultural, commercial or residential market. Harper Precast manufactures and installs concrete septic tanks to meet specific specifications, requirements, and industry expectations. Concrete tanks are heavy, but that's not an issue for Harper Precast. A concrete reservoir is easy and straightforward to install. After the area is cleared, our equipment and expert installers place the tank with accuracy. Our line of septic, cistern and pump tanks are available in an array of sizes to fit the bill, and are made to provide long-term value, and peace of mind for containment of septic safe-keeping.
In Australia, septic reservoir design and installation requirements are regulated by Condition Governments, through Departments of Health insurance and Environmental Protection Agencies. Regulation can include Rules of Practice 29 30 and Legislation. 31 Regulatory requirements for the design and installing septic tanks commonly references Australian Expectations (1547 and 1546). Capacity requirements for septic tanks may be specified within Rules of Practice, and can vary between states.concrete septic tank lifespan
Our precast cement products are also green as they offer high thermal efficiency, and the marvelous acoustic insulation helps to create a calm interior environment. The can also assist in the acquisition of credits that can result in LEED qualification. The reduced lifecycle and maintenance costs make our precast concrete products a highly economical development option.
Do the assertions regarding leaky tanks stem from the actual fact that precast concrete tanks have joints in them? Certainly they have been criticized because they do have joint parts where leakage into or from the tanks at the joint parts could occur. Luckily, specially made sealants are readily available that provide a reliable, long-term approach to preventing water from moving through the joint. So just because precast concrete tanks have bones does not signify they all leak.
Sewage enters our septic fish tank system through a ʻT-pieceʼ. This helps to avoid unnecessary turbulence in the most important chamber and reduces the acceleration of the circulation rate. By discharging at mid depth in the reservoir, the scum at the surface is not busted. Therefore the system presents the ideal conditions for the first stage of the wastewater treatment.

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